Most people are looking for ways to save money – and couples planning a wedding are no exception. But what if you could have your big day at a regal but laidback Yarra Valley venue, and still choose your own food and drink options, entertainment and décor? This is how Olinda Yarra Estate can help you.


A guest takes a donut from a donut stand set up at a wedding at Olinda Yarra Estate



Think about weddings you’ve been to – huge affairs with set tables and three-course meals that most people don’t even finish off. At Olinda Yarra Estate, you can have whatever food options you want. Mr. Whippy Van? No worries! Food trucks galore? No problem! Save money on all those meat-and-veg plates and channel that into your honeymoon instead. Plus, finger food instead of plates of food means less wastage and more options that people will actually want to eat. Not to mention, you don’t have to stop the reception festivities for the next course.

At Olinda Yarra Estate, they can recommend a variety of caterers that do everything from sit-down dinners to casual dining, shared platters and buffets. Or take some inspiration from previous couples and set up a donut stand or get a gelato or brulee cart!


A groom and his wedding party toast at Olinda Yarra Estate



Another way to customise your nuptials is to ditch the alcohol packages and do it yourself. At Olinda Yarra Estate, you can have an all-inclusive package, or you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to drinks so you’re not limited to the house whites and reds and standard beer selections. Whether you buy it all and drop it off to the venue so they can serve it straight to your guests, or design a list that can be put together for you, nearly any option can be entertained.

Plus, who doesn’t love a cocktail hour, sipping on a choice of two signature drinks as chosen or supplied by you. Imagine all of this while taking advantage of the property’s outdoor bar and alfresco area.

It was these choices that Huon and Cinthya loved about their experience at the property, saying they
enjoyed the flexibility that was provided for their catering and drinks service.


A man sings at a wedding at Olinda Yarra Estate



Everyone’s idea of entertainment is different, so you don’t want to be locked into a standard DJ or wedding singer option if that’s not what you want. Of course, you can have these, but you can also go your own way and make and provide your own games. Say goodbye to dull receptions and hello to fun-filled times playing giant Jenga and other lawn games. Your guests will love the extra touches and remember your special day for being relaxed and fun. Olinda Yarra Estate can provide the Jenga, croquet and bocce and you can provide any other lawn games you want – even a tug-of-war!

As for the music, have anything from acoustic solo or duos to DJs and bands – one couple even had an eight-piece Spanish band. Olinda Yarra Estate has invested in sound and PA systems with high-quality speakers, Bluetooth streaming and wireless microphones – everything you need for memorable music moments.





You’ll also benefit from Olinda Yarra Estate’s collection of furnishings, which make it easy to set the scene for your ceremony and reception. For the formalities, they can provide Americana wooden chairs with padded seats, antique signing table and chairs, carpet runner, fairy lighting, rustic chandeliers and arbor. And for the reception, they can also provide a huge marquee, long or round tables, greenery chandeliers, wishing well, wine barrels and other florals and decorations. Or you can DIY it if you have your own Pinterest vision in mind, and decorate however you like – complete with those oversized “LOVE” letters, too.



And if you want any further proof that this really is the place to customise your special day to just what you want, how is this for service? Yen had her wedding at Olinda Yarra Estate and thanked Shelley and Farmer Rob for “buying extra high chairs… getting more alcohol on the night when you saw it was running low, placing lanterns, trampolines and lawn games out, extending the bar, building a stage for the band and just being the most beautiful hosts to our family and friends”. You can’t get more complimentary than that!

So, book a tour or download a wedding brochure today!


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